Photo Art & Graphic Design Services



Photo Restoration/Portrait: repairing one single image photo.
Photo Restoration/Collage: includes repairing several old and damaged photos then creatively designing one unique art piece.
Photo Restoration/Group: repairing one photo with several people. Selection includes landscape photography.
Photo Restoration/Document: repairing document(s) back to its original state, or as close as possible.



Minor damage: minor scratches, spots, cracks, discoloration and fading Requiring minor repair and touch up.
Major damage: major scratches, spots, cracks, discoloration, fading and (1) missing part, requiring major repair and touch up.
Extreme damage: extreme damages, which can includes water and fire damage; these are sometimes unrepairable.



Photo Art/Portrait: designing one single image photo, includes cropping, touch-up and color management.
Photo Art/Collage: designing one unique art piece from two or more photos.
Photo Art/Group: designing one single image photo that includes two or more people; includes cropping, touch-up and color management.
Photo Art/Pets: designing one single pet image photo
Photo Art/Landscape: designing one single landscape photo


Service Options


Color Selections: Black & White, Color, Sepia, B& W to Color, Color to B&W
Design Style: Photo Touch-Up, Photo Fine Art, Photo Pop-Vivid
Print Options: Acrylic, Acrylic on a Frame, Double Acrylic, Aluminum Metal, Canvas, Photo Print
Size Options: 8×10” Up to 40×60”, other sizes available upon request



Business Cards-Standard: 2×3.5”, 1 or 2 sides, Glossy, or Matte

Business Cards-Premium: 2×3.5”, 1 or 2 sides, Soft Touch, UV Spot, Foil, Color Edges

Letterhead- 8.5×11” White Paper, 70lbs, one-sided design

Envelopes- #10:White Paper, 70lbs, one-sided design

Brochures: (Tri-Fold-3 Panels), 8.5×11”, 2-sided designs

Flyers: 8.5×11”, 5.5×8.5”, Full Color, 70-100lbs, 1 or 2 sides, Matte, UV or AQ coating

Souvenir Programs: 8.5×11“ (Large) 4-100 Pages; 5.5×8.5” (Standard) 4-16 Pages

Memorial Programs: 8.5×11“ (Large) 4-20 Pages; 5.5×8.5” (Standard) 4-16 Pages

Memorial Poster: Portrait Artwork with or without gator board, 24×30“, 24×36”

Roll-Up Banners: Standard 33″x80″, Premium 33″x80″

Step & Repeat Banners 8’x8′

Construction Signage 16’x150′ (Maximum)

Tradeshow Logo Tablecloths  48×84″   60×84″